im doing hw and my dog is snoring up a storm next to me lol. its so cute <3

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New nails
tried posting this earlier but my phone is really sucking at posting pics on tumblr. anyway. spent a couple of hours just now sewing these pearl beads on to the bikini. it was just a plain neon pink bandeau bikini from forever 21 and just thought i would add a little something. it turned out great!! i cant wait to wear it this weekend :3 now it is one of a kind &lt;3
My current nails
Got billy back. He refused to eat or drink at my friends place =.= we had to put him at another friends house and then he misbehaves by barking and jumping on their bed, not letting them sleep =.= i think he did it on purpose. Anyway, boba and i took him to the park friday and saturday and he was being so mean to other dogs at the park -.- he was happy though. We are moving into a new place now and the owner seem like a chill dude. Almost done moving and my fat worthless roommate is still here using electricity and cable as if she paid for it. Im turning off cable tomorrow.

viveaux stand
i was looking for something like this -.-
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puppies for days.
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